Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Eve

Korean Night Black Party Dress, Miu Miu Sparkle Clutch, Charles & Keith Black Heels (Stiletto)

Hello everyone, finally i took a photoshoot last night. A quick new year eve outfit. I wore this glam great black mini long sleeve shirt, i don't know how to call this. -______- this is not a dress as you can see now, but this is a party dress..night party dress..yeap..I got this from Sdelvira Shop, thank you so much dear! High Quality Online Shop Ever! Imported from Korea when i saw the price tag yesterday.

I wore Charles & Keith Heels as ordinary shoes because this is my favorite shoes, cause the color is black and shiney... :p

Ready to go out with your friends and family with a simple New Year Eve Outfit. Don't forget to wear your BB Cream so your skin will brighten up when the light goes on you.. sparkle sparkle~ bling bling~ 블링블링~ but don't wear to many and thick BB Cream, you will go like a zombie -_____- your skin is tooooo freakin pale girls!

I hope this simple look will inspire all teenage girls around the world. Don't to act like you're already old because you never know when you can't feel your own teen life style. So enjoy it from now!
Good luck and God bless you all!


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Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Skin Care Products Review

Hello guys, today i'm not posting a new thing about fashion style but i'm posting about my new products for my own skincare and i really recommend these things to make your skin isn't going to be dry. First is The Body Shop White Musk Voluptuous Velvet Body Creme, Second is Vaseline Healthy Sunblock with UVA & UVB with extra 30SPF. The last is Vaseline Complete Care.Why is that calling a complete care? because they make your skin more white than before, your skin becomes more tighter or firmer, make your skin more glowly, protect your skin from the sun light, erase your black spot, make your skin more smooth, moisturize and refresh up your skin.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 2011 : Christmas Celebration and Cross Gifts

Today is christmas and so many santas bring a lot of presents for me. hahaha. I'm as always being nice for this year, so it's my right to grab all the presents. hahahaha. So today in my house we are having a good lunch time together with so many awesome foods. They are wagyu steak, potatos, fresh vegetables, christmas noodles, gsuper rilled chicken, some Indonesian Traditional Food, Lasagna, Green Chilli Squids, Cakes, and some super duper pink mixed ice!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Easy Christmas Classic Makeup Tutorial

Okay, today i just want to share about the Christmas Theme for Makeup. You can make your day more special but you can act classic and elegant to in the same day, because the effect from your makeup. So Let's start!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas Fashion Style


Prepare for Christmas, you have to prepare your dresses to make your day become more beautiful than your ordinary day. But, you don't need to give all your money to shops at the mall, you have to share your love and your clothes with unfortune people that don't have any clothes to wear on Christmas. If you want to take an unique pictures, you have to see these fashion photos from VOGUE Magazine, i got it from VOGUE Australia. 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Presents and Gifts

Eye Gillter Gel and Wonder Mascara from La Tulipe Indonesia as my Modelling School's Makeup Artist Class Sponsor. The products are so great and give a great result. La Tulipe is a famous Local Brand from Indonesia. Same quality as Maybelline lar~ You have to try and buy the product first! Please don't just borrow your friend's. LOL

Nine West 10cm High Wedges

I got it yesterday Original from Joger Bali and No one can copy these, because all balinese already knew what's the different from the original and the fake one. If you buy the fake one, people will tell you to throw it in front of their eyes! I'm serious! If you go to Joger Outlet all security will check all your stuffs from bag, pockets, and so on. Copyrights are so important!

So stop to MAKE THE FAKES!