Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Of A Kind Inspired Fashion - Happy Birthday T.O.P

 One Of A Kind G-Dragon's Hoodie, Genie Pants, Rings - Charme FashionLine, 2NE1 Black Jack Canvas Shoes, Bigbang and V.I.P Bracelet Watch


Another Fashion and Accessories photo, take a look !



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Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Formal Fashion Style

*i mean i love both of them - the albums*

Hello everyone, finally i can take another shoot for my newest fashion post. This is really suit to Halloween Formal Costume. Tired to see all weird costume outside, just dress up formally then. Also i did the graffiti for my own hand and the graffiti was inspired from G-Dragon's That XX tattoo. I'm talented right? *lol over self confiddent* Let's take a look then...

Black Blazer - The Executive, Inner - ZARA Woman, Bow - Unbranded, Earring - Charme Fashionline, Ring - Charme Fashionline, Broken White Pumps - My Friend's online boutique, Jegging - Rodeo 

Monday, October 22, 2012

We're goin UP and High

Hello Everyone! Margaret is here. Today i really want to share my gothic fashion photo based from Don't Hate Me and UP Epik High's Music Video Concepts. Don't Hate Me concept came with so many characters were appearing at the video. Almost of those kids applied the Smookey eyes makeup. This song is telling us about judgement. Yeap! I bet some of new comers to my blog wil think that i'm crazy and scary because i do many inspired makeup and fashion also post my own fashion style. Don't judge me, better you go to know me more!

Makeup Inspired Details :

Base : Sasa Tinnie Makeup Base, The FaceShop Oil Free BB Cream, Skin Food Aloe BB Cream
Eye Makeup : Applied 3 Eyeliners - Maybelline NY Pencil Eyeliner (Black), Sasa Tinnie Gel Eyeliner (Black), and Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black)
Eyebrows : Skin Food Eyebrow Pencil (Chocolate)
Lips : Maybelline NY Sexy Lips Lipbalm + Maybelline NY BB Cream

Concept : Smookey Eyes + Contrast Looks + Pale lips

Friday, October 19, 2012


So this is the part two of the BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012 in JAKARTA, INDONESIA edition. I know all of you are getting very excited when i tell you about bigbang. I know all the VIPs love their bias so much and get inspired from them. Learn from their hard work! They are becoming like this because their own hard work, dream, and believe. Also supports from their fans. Without supports all artists can't do anything else. Me and my friend dressed so nicely because we believe our Bias is fashionable enough.

DIY Collar, Retro Outer / Vest, Fringe Top and Owl Bag from Freunde House

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G-Dragon Melt Smokey Eyes Makeup Inspired

Epik High is coming back with their newest album. 
"Don't Hate Me"

Today i present you something unique. Maybe all fashion and beauty bloggers never do kind of this thing. Yes! I will share my newest CD collection from G-Dragon or Kwon Ji Yong. He is the leader of BIGBANG, as you know i'm a big fan of them and also GD. I learned fashion from him. I learned how to match the clothes with accessories but the point which until now i think is why you make your self not old fashioned. Today i present my makeup inspired from Ji Yong and also the gothic concept of the album. If your parents see this concept maybe your parents will think "something really bad already happened trough my son's or my daughter's mind". Nope! It's not a Bible to learn about Christianity. Nope! It's just a cover of the album and it comes with the title "GD ONE OF A KIND" but the designer put those words into a cross shape. All songs are great, and the songs aren't perverted Christians songs. ALL OF THE SONGS, COVER, AND PHOTO CARDS just same as ordinary songs, cover, and photo cards. GD loves weird fashion so i hope all parents will understand when your children love this weird human. Because i know that feel! It just same as when you love Metal genre of music and they just shout "GRAAAAAHHH GURROOOWWAAARR" you just hear the singer's voice sounds perfect and beautiful.  

So let's check all the details of this album. I bought the Gold Edition original from YG Korea. I never buy something fake about Bigbang or Kim Hyun Joong. I'm their huge and biggest fan as ever. Actually the photocards came more than ths, i just took for some from all of those.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Beautiful Hangover

Uptown Girl - Semi Bodycon Dress, Bracelet - Bali, Vintage 80's bag - Grandma's, Cross Necklace

PUFFHH! Hello everyone, today i'm coming back again in front of you guys. Today i really excited to share my photos at my friend's sweet 17th birthday dinner. Do you know Central Restaurant in Jakarta? Chinese famous restaurant and really match with wedding event, family gathering, and also birthday event. The foods were amazing because i love foods and i always eat a lot. Thanked to my friend who invited me to her birthday dinner and i was so glad to had a dinner with all friends, of course with all delicious foods.

For this event dressed simple and looked more formal were my points. 
"Don't think too much. it's simple!" -g.dragon-
Some pictures which i took from my camera. You can see my fashionable friends here, do you see now?
Actually my friends improved as much as possible about "try to be feminine". 

I hope this random post will give you more inspiration about simple fashion style. Don't get a hangover about fashion. Fashion is simple. Fashion's beautiful and make it as your passion! Stay Beautiful~ By the way let's join my giveaway.



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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Complete Story and more photos only at [PART 2]

Hello everyone! Hello guys! Hello to all teenagers around the world! Yes i'm here now typing all the words for my newest blogpost and today i really want to share about my first experience about BIGBANG. I saw all of the boys in front of my eyes. They're real, they're handsome in the real life, they're like a total perfection, and i fall in deep love with them. Like what the damn fuuuuu i saw them in front of my eyes, seungri, daesung, and taeyang gave the hello greetings to us. They said Hello and smiled a lot! 

Special Notes :
**Long time ago i featured with BigBang Indonesia, here!
**Add my facebook and after i accept your request you can see Taeyang's video, see the description first before you play the movie!
**And also i make another post about makeup inspired of GD One of A Kind and come out with the CD One of A Kind Photo Details, here!

The bad thing was, the rules came out with this sentences "no camera! no video! no photo!"
A bit rude some people still brought the HD camera with them 2 days ago.  I took photos from my iTouch and blackberry. Yes bless the Lord the photos from blackberry are good enough and from the iTouch, yeah i can fix it by edit the contrast because the audience sides were too dark and the stage was too bright because of the super cool lighting effect.

And you know, i attended the opening or additional show on October 12th so the audiences weren't too many as October 13th the Final Show or main show. Actually between the additional show (12th Oct) and the main show (13th Oct) were not having so many differences. But G-dragon wore a traditional hat from Central Java, Indonesia called Blangkon on the second day show or on October 13th. He also took a photo with Taeyang via instagram with the Barong Yellow clothes of Balinese, traditional flute, blangkon, and traditional costume Batik of Javanese.

Taeyang also got the "Damn I Love Indonesia" shirt from his fan. Do you know this brand? Yes the creator and the owner is a VJ named Daniel Mananta and He's the host of Indonesian Idol competition.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Giveaway : My Second Giveaway to Celebrating My Birthday! [Worldwide / International]



Official G-Dragon One Of A Kind Poster + Beach Outfits

Note :

G-Dragon Official One Of A Kind Poster - 52 x 77 cm - Imported Originally from South Korea
I got two posters because i bought two editions, they were Bronze and Gold. I will not clip this poster at my wall because i already have the same poster from the Gold Edition. Sorry i will not giveaway the album because i'm in my way to collecting all Bigbang members' Original CD.
Bonus my original signature at the poster as the owner of this blog. I have the GD's signature at home. If i got two signs long time ago maybe now i can share one for you. HAHAHA.

Note :

Dress original from Bali.
The glitter puff is really make an glitter effect to your body if you puff it to your body areas.
Clips and the Ice Cream bracelets are originally unique. I bought the clips when i was in Hong Kong.

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I'll close this giveaway on 30th November 2012. So you have long periods to prepare your self to get this giveaway. I'll wait for you to join! I love you guys! This is the official poster because i got two the same posters at the same time! How lucky i am... hahahaha.. Good luck!


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Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Journey to Macau 澳門 - Hunting

Shirt - i forget about the brand, Jegging - Rodeo, Socks - Reebok, Shoes - NIKE, Bag - Perlini, Random Favorite Bracelets, Sun Hat from Window of The World, Olympus Pen EPL-1 Camera

A good view captured. This is a Macao Tower and i really love to see it.

Finally i finished my mid term and now i'm writing about my next post. Yes, my photo hunting moment in Macao. I look same as tourist when i see my pictures now, really look alike like a foreigner. But i actually was at that time. By the way i had my birthday on 3rd October 2012, so i really to announce my give away as soon as possible. I'll give away some random bracelets and one beach wear dress from Bali. So if some of you like a purple color, you'll like this dress. Because it's purple! I'll update it asap, because i'm too busy lately. So better you see my random and candid pictures from my father's camera. Hahaha! My face was too messy. Yes, of course Macao was hotter than Jakarta. My skin > tanned!