Saturday, July 25, 2015

Beauty Review : EAU DE GAGA 001 by Lady Gaga Perfume

Hello everyone! I am back again with a new blog post. After I spam a lot of you guys with my youtube videos. I think, this is the right time to doing this. A new perfume review, yey! I already have Lady Gaga 1st perfume line called "Fame" but lately a lot of people are raving about this new perfume called "EAU DE GAGA 001". Yes, It is a new perfume compounded by Lady Gaga.

About The Packaging :

I really love it! The first time I saw this perfume packaging, I already fell in love. It's quite minimalistic, there is nothing much going on like her 1st perfume packaging (which is having quite strong design into it, but It's also great). This packaging theme is definitely my style. It's minimalist, It's looking so classy and way more high end.

About the Scent / Fragrance / Aroma :

The scent is unisex. Either boys or girls basically can work on this thing. I am so happy to knowing that point (connected to the minimalistic and simplicity of the design, it's not too girly or even too masculine). The scent is kind of mature (Top Note : Lime + Middle Note : White Violet + Base Notes : Woodsy Notes and Leather)

The first time, I apply this perfume to my hand... It's a bit strong for me or basically based on my opinion. But after 3 minutes until 5 minutes, the scent is going to be softer and smooth (not musky). One word to describe this perfume scent is "FRESH"! Imagine that you already finished your shower time and directly applied this perfume to your body.

Research and Other Details :

The scent stays for 4-5 hours.
Eau de Parfum
EAU DE GAGA - 50ml
Top Note : Lime + Middle Note : White Violet + Base Notes : Woodsy Notes and Leather


Contacts :

Twitter : +hauslaboratories (mention at @hauslaboratories)

For more info please contact,

Cynthia Chandra | Brand Manager
PT Fleur Bleue Indonesia
Intiland Tower Lt. 3, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 32, Jakarta 10220
Tel: +62 5790 1336 | Fax: +62 5790 1338 | HP: +62 813 1164 6449


You can basically watch the commercial down here! I really love the whole package about this perfume launch. The mature and minimalistic feels are really me and this perfume is definitely being my reflection. I recommend to buy this perfume at your nearest perfume store, especially if you're still in your 20s.

Thank you for reading this review!

Thank you for the company that already sent me this amazing perfume to be reviewed!

Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Beauty Review : Vanity Tour 2015 - 화장대 공개 2015

Hello everyone! I am back again with another youtube videos. Yes, I've been productive lately. I am going to upload new videos maybe every week / at least once a week. People send me a lot of requests lately via, I feel really glad to see all of your responses.

By the way, the main thing about this video is showing my vanity or beauty spot in my small room. My room is not big or not even too small, the size just enough for me. That's the reason why I need to figure something out about how organizing my stuffs. This is not a makeup video because I never feel happy about my makeup products set up and any single thing (I am such a perfectionist). I stay in 2 different places, in my parents' apartment + house. I need to think how separate my favorite makeup products into two places at the same time. 

If you're thinking about "seeing a lot ... a lot of makeup products" well,.. you are probably wrong. But I do have more than average people who usually do have. I have tons of beauty products and extras in my beauty closet.

Details :
> Acrylic Organizers are coming from here! (small one : $25 & larger one : $57)
> Jars are coming from a random antique stores in Jakarta.
> Furnitures are mostly coming from IKEA.
> Most of my products are coming from Korean Makeup brands.

Good luck and God Bless!


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Friday, July 17, 2015

Beauty Review : What's In My Makeup Pouch / Bag? - 왓츠 인 마이 메이크업 파우치?

A lot of you ask me via about my daily makeup. That's the reason why I film this video. I show you what's inside my makeup pouch or bag. You definitely can buy the exact same thing as mine. Please make sure, you do some research on google and read beauty review from another blogger or beauty guru before you go grab those products at your nearest beauty store.

I don't like to bring so many makeup products with me. I personally bring some beauty products that I need the most. For example : I bring my chocolate tone eyeshadow because I can use it as my eyeshadow and put it on my crease, as my bronzer or contour powder. I don't want to bring bronzer and eyeshadow at the same time because it's going to be heavy. I rarely touch up my bronzer tho.

My step by step daily makeup, it's going to be like this :
1. Applying Makeup Base
2. Applying BB Cream
3. Doing my eyebrows
4. Applying Blush on
5. Do Contouring
6. Applying eyeshadow base (with the same product as my makeup base) and eyeshadow (optional)
7. Applying brown eyeliner
8. Applying mascara
9. Lipstick / other lip color.

Pretty simple! The reason why I love to do simple makeup in just 10 minutes, because I'm just too lazy. If some people here also ask me for makeup routine tutorial, I don't know... I never ready to record or film that too. I am just freakin lazy to zoom in and zoom out every details about my makeup and my face. I am going to work on that later. 

By the way, good luck trying all of those products!


Good luck and God Bless!


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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Random : Trilingual Talk Episode #1 - Self Introduction in Korean, English, and Bahasa Indonesia

Hello everyone! I'm typing this at my car using my wifi. I am going away for a week. Because there will be no update on my blog or on my youtube channel for a week, please watch this. Many of you are also asking me questions about talking in different languages, I think this is the right time to posting it on my youtube channel.

See you soon!


Saturday, July 4, 2015


Crop Top and A Line skirt - Fashionette Room, Buckethat - Supercrew ID, Sunglass - Polette, Socks - UNIQLO, Shoes - Adidas Superstar 2, Bag - Stylenanda

With the same base as the previous fashion blog post, I decide to make a new fashion style. I style up my basic outfit with an amazing mirrored sunglasses and a bucket hat from Supercrew ID. Well, I am not looking that good in a bucket hat. That's why, I flip upward the hat.

By the way, I am going to traveling around Java with my family. We are going out only with our car and bring several stuffs. Such a challenging moment! We are going to go at 4AM, early sunday morning. Our plan to try some several random culinary spots. I can't wait!



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