Monday, June 30, 2014

Beauty Review : POND'S White Beauty x Margareta Vania

I should review these products since last month, but i was really freaking busy at my university. I was making video projects, like a lot. So better be late than nothing. I need to spread out some great things about these beauty products.

POND'S White Beauty Day Cream

It gives us powdery finish, remembering me of Etude House Face Conditioning Cream. Another dupe as well for base makeup / skin care at the same time. It smells really nice, i will say "it smells like a rose". If you are not the type of girl that loves beauty products with fragrances, well this is not suitable for you. This product need to be applied on your skin in the morning or in the evening after you clean up your face. You can use this product as your moisturizer or base makeup in the same time.

POND'S White Beauty Night Cream 

It gives nice moisturized skin finish and dewy look after you applied it on your face. I think, it's worth the price. The drugstore price is affordable and the result is kinda nice. I think it's a dupe of Etude House product. But as you know to get Etude House moisturizer in Indonesia, it's way more expensive because it's imported from South Korea. (Except you order it online) But if you want to search a moisturizer that really suitable for all skin type with reasonable price, try this! 

If both of these products make your skin goes break out or gets an allergic, do not continue to apply these products to your skin, sensitive skin area, or the whole face! Go to the dermatologist or skin specialist to get a control.

Start to get yours at your local drug store, beauty supplies store, mini market, or super market. Make sure you buy the real POND'S White Beauty Series, not the fake one.

For more information you can go to their official website:


Latest Video Update


Good luck and God Bless!


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Thursday, June 26, 2014

June 2014 : Mini Fashion Items Haul #1

HAUL | Mini Fashion Items Haul #1

My "NOT KENZO" - Parody designer t-shirt is coming from OFFDAHOOK #WEAROFFDAHOOK

This is my newest updated Haul, first Haul in 2014. I know it's late but i am going to make this as Haul series on my channel and i will updated as well on my blog. All of these are coming from Local Store from Indonesia and i bought all of these with my own money. I am working on campaign and blog so i get the money from that. 

I am going to make YOUTUBE SERIES, here they are :

HAUL | Mini Fashion Items Haul (Per episode)
HAUL | Mini Beauty Products Haul (Per episode)
(MONTHLY) FAVORITES | Fashion & Beauty Stuffs (Per month)

RANDOM | [Updated] What's in my school bag?
RANDOM | [Updated] What's in my bag?
RANDOM | DIY Room Decor
RANDOM | [Updated] Room Tour

BEAUTY | Beauty Products Empties
BEAUTY | My Daily Hair Routine
BEAUTY | My Daily Makeup Routine

FASHION | [Updated] Look Book / OOTD

EDUCATION | (Educational Video from my project as International Relations student.)

VLOG | (I will make an updated vlog with me talking about event that i attend.)
VIDEO DIARY | (I will make an updated video diary every time i go travel or go to an epic event.)

SONG COVER | (I will make an updated song cover on various artists, but i record this when i am in a good mood to sing. I don't want to crack my voice.)

I am still working as a blogger and also i am also student. I never leave this blogger world because i am growing up to make my blog better day by day. I really want to make the content more educational in the theme of my blog which are mainly about fashion and beauty. So if some of you ask "Now you are being a youtuber, you just follow somebody else." No! I am still comfortable writing on blog post rather than recording a video to be honest. But admit it, a lot of people also hate to read! They come to my blog only want to see the pictures not the real content. I just want to make it easier to talk in front of camera and you just need to listen to my story or tips that you can filter to your brain. I am not forcing anyone to watch, but Indonesia young generations also need this kind of movement. On youtube, everyone sees fashion and beauty gurus who are coming from US. Just a little community from all of them are actually Indonesians.

I hope from this kind of movement, i can still update my blog post combined with youtube videos update. I hope all of you are not getting boring to see usual blog post where you only can see pictures and sentences. I hope all of you can support this movement as well!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

COLORBOX Indonesia x Margareta Vania for COLORBOX DIY Denim Contest





>>TAG AND MENTION @colorboxindonesia on instagram and put hashtag #CBDIYDenim
>> Too see more infor about the rules or other prizes (click here!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Journey in Jakarta - VIDEO DIARY | Seaworld and Dufan Experience 2014

VIDEO DIARY | Seaworld and Dufan Experience 2014

Watch in HD!

Edited and Directed by : Margareta Vania | Location : Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Ancol Dream Land), North Jakarta
Music by : Zedd - Clarity | Casts : Margareta Vania, Lisa Stefanny, Devi, and Anna

This video is on the playlist, play another video diaries made by me as well.

I did tell you long time ago that i had a new friend from Germany. Her name is Anna, She is now already coming back to her country so i really want to make a video diary that remembering me about our experience. We (me, anna, lisa, and lisa's sister named devi) went to Seaworld and Dufan Ancol. Maybe some of you might think that our travel this time is kinda cheap. But no way! As a great Indonesian, i need to introduce some tourists' destinations here as well in Jakarta. Anna never had time to go to Seaworld before, so that time was her first time. Especially she knew that there are a lot of different species (fishes) came from Asian Countries. I hope all of you like my video diary update! Do not forget to subscribe to my youtube channel to see more updates from me. I will upload new video diaries, haul, and more videos on youtube. 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Beauty Review : Silver Swan Handmade Lash - Eyelashes

I am wearing eyelashes from Silver Swan Lash. Silver Swan Lash delivered the whole package for me and now it's my job to making a beauty review. It's 100% human hair and 100% handmade lashes. All pure clean and each package include one eyelash glue which i can use it more than 4 times. The price is starting from $3.5 for each. (Rp 35,000.00). You can see on the pictures how natural the 206 GAURA Lashes were.

Positive :
- Affordable eyelashes
- High Quality Handmade eyelashes.
- The packaging presentation is nice.
- Friendly customer service.
- Incluse free glue is the best, worth the price.
- So many series that you can choose from natural - dramatic eyelashes.

Negative :
- The glue is kinda served in a small tube, not a squeezy one. So it's kinda need patient to put a glue on the lashes. (But you can use your own glue that has easier applicator.)

Start to order yours!!

INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | LINE : silverswanlash | BBM : 76AABF78 | Whatsapp : 081219197781 | Reseller : devinasalim


Good luck and God Bless!


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Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 2014 : Old and New Favorites

Details :
  1. My favorite spot in my room where i can organize my favorite magazines, idols photos, nail polishes, some room fragrances (candle and such as), and all my accessories are being organized in that place. I don't take the drawers and cupboard photo under it, where i put my necklaces and my sun glasses collection, also skin care products in it.
  2. My favorite MAC Single eyeshadows. There are Carbon, Electra Frost, White Frost, and Gess.
  3. My favorite MAC Lipsticks. There are Pink Pigeon, Flamingo, and Sweet and Sour (Cremeshene).
  4. Same pictue - My favorite MAC Lipsticks.
  5. My favorite lip tint with affordable price and cute packagings. They are coming from Etude House from Dear Darling Tint Collection. I did review on them with swatches, click here to read!
  6. My favorite Urban Decay Naked Palettes Line. There are Naked Palette 2, Naked Palette 3, and Naked Basic Palette.
  7. My favorite lipcare or lipbalm products. There are Maybelline Baby Lips, L'occitane, Nivea, The Body Shop Lip Butter, and random lip balm from my mom (she got it from Korea).
  8. Shopping Vouchers from COLORBOX Indonesia, Thank you!
  9. Someone is sending me this pillow with my name and cartoon version of me to my mail. I got this for free and such a nice gift from the owner. This is coming from Caramelloss Brand - You can contact them and order it now! [INSTAGRAM | | LINE : mogumogushops]

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Random : 1st year Projects in International Relations Dept. Binus University

This year i am learning English, Chinese - Mandarin, Korean at Embassy of South Korea (South Korea Cultural Center), and the last is learning Spanish. I am fluent enough to talking in English in front of many people, basic in Chinese, also in Korean as well. I am improving a lot than other last years. The hardest is learning a freaking Spanish.

The last video is the most interesting one from another, but i guarantee that i always put bloopers or NG shoots in the end in every videos or short documentary films. I hope all of you can get more information about the social national issues, know more about what IR Students are actually doing and learning.

Yesterday, i updated my little story for being an International Relations student at Binus University. [click here!] Now i am sharing with you all the projects which i made with my friends to my blog. Actually there are 2 more videos from the 1st semester. I was interviewed Gabriella Olivia and Elizabeth Paramitha as inspiring Indonesian blogger. The other video is a little bit controversial about "Same gender relationship between man and man also woman and woman". But i never made a judgmental video or short documentary film before. The last video is about the Inequality and Poverty in Health Care Sector. I hope to prepare our self to choose the future President of Indonesia, the last short documentary film can help you to choose the right one.

Not all bloggers are active in real social condition or participate to support the nation. So i want to be different. I don't really want to be a short minded person who only can spend my parents' money to go shopping and can't have enough preparation to face the future. Asian Free Trade 2015 is being my newest challenge for me and a lot of people who aren't working yet. Prepare to speaking more than 2 languages, also prepare to know about international issues or condition. Don't be acknowledge about that! If you are still alive, you still need to learn more. Especially, if you are still young and not have a proper job yet. All need preparation!


Good luck and God Bless!


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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Random : 1 Year as International Relations Student

One year already i am being the International Relations student at Bina Nusantara University aka Binus University. Honestly to choose International Relations, i expect many things but not really expect difficulties will happen in my study journey. Learning in International Relations major is not as easy as i thought. We learn almost every single thing. If people just see domestic problem or issues which are happening or did happen in the past, we all IR Students are actually learning to see domestic and international things (problem/issues, politic, economy, and many more).

To get a perfect GPA or IPK in Indonesian (4,00), it is really hard because the range scores in Binus University is high enough. But i don't say that i can't reach that if i work hard, i believe i can. You also can! Still, it's hard enough so everyone needs to fight for their own scores.

Range scores in Binus University are :
85-100 = A
75-84 = B
65-74 = C
50-64 = D
<50 = E

The bad thing is when a person gets 84, her score will be in a grade B and just need 1 point to get an A! Crazy! I did experience that before. You can't apply scholarship as well if you get C in your score but in any of your semester, example : one girl is getting a perfect GPA 4,00 for the 2nd semester but in the past, in her 1st semester she got C in one subject. She is not going to accept any scholarship forever. But i think if the fee in the university is really expensive, her parents can requested to low down the price a bit. So the university can help this smart girl to continue her study in the university.

It's tough to get a perfect GPA in Binus but i never say that i can't. I really work my ass off even i don't really need to show off in front of people. It's not important to share what we are exactly doing at home to people outside who even don't ask. Plus that i am studying IR, it's being my biggest challenge as well. A lot of my friends are pretty smart and clever at the same time, they are also good in talking (doing diplomacy) in front of many people. Almost of them are perfect talking in English and other foreign languages. There are a lot of pressures which i get from all the conditions, so i need to support my self to finish this 4 years study. 3 years more and then i am done finishing my undergradute degree (Sarjana Strata 1). I am going to continue to get master degree (Strata 2) in the future. I think i am going to take Law as my specialization. 

In this 2nd semester i already passed the mid-term examination with 7 subjects. They were English, Chinese, Spanish, Security Studies (learn about conflict, war, international issues, etc.), Metore Riset, Character Building, and International Political Economy. Thanked to God that i got A in almost every subjects. I want to make my parents proud of me, simple. I just hope that i can repeat that moment again for the final examination in this 2nd semester. I hope all of you can share your love, appreciation, and prayers to me and to all my friends in IR Major to pass this semester. We work really hard for this first one year study in Binus and we'll continue for the last 3 years.

Wish me luck! Wish us luck!

I am updating what activities that i am doing and what projects which i already made, [click here!] to see what International Relations students are learning or doing.


Good luck and God Bless!


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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Girl's Night Out

Bodycon dress - Hanake Label, Fairy Necklace - my own collection, Strappy Heels - Payless

I don't have a lot of time to take photos outside because lately it's raining in Jakarta. My place sometime is hitting by flood. Even i live in Pertamina's housing complex, my place is still hitting by flood. Damn! I also have 2 weeks full of examination schedule, so be patient with me. I keep posting wearable outfit x my sponsors because i think it's being the easiest way to keep updated on my own blog.

Hanake Label by Kadinces


Good luck and God Bless!


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