Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chocolate Love Sparkling

 I must get ready to go out for awhile with friends to buy a book. So you have to choose the comfy tee with short pants to get quickly meet your friends out there. Comb your hair, put a little touch for ur eyes so your friends didn't know how tired you are! For a short girl you really need a short pants because short pants will show up ur legs more!

Short T-shirt - Super T
Short pants - Forever 21
Sparkling Korean Shoes - PETER KEIZA 
Makeup on 
(Liquid eyeline, brown pencil eyeliner, sparkling eyeliner and highlighter, white eyeliner, blush on, lip balm)

Plus! Get ready with your clean hands, parfume, and nailarts! You're done to get out and  buy some books with your friends. Chic but you're still pretty to get more good attention :)


  1. oh my god ! you're so cute and pretty dear ! i swear you is actually a beauty !!! :D i love those photos .