Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Beauty Review : Beauty Empties #1

BEAUTY | Beauty Empties #1

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Hello guys, welcome back again to my blog! So as i mentioned before at this post, i am going to make a youtube series due a problem that some people might have "lazy to read" someone's blog post. Because of that i manage my blog to be fun or not boring as a plain blog post content. I make videos and put it in it. My youtube and my blog have the same categories such as fashion, beauty, haul, travels, and so on. So i hope all of you can learn from what i shared above and i really love to watch this kind of video, maybe you want to share the same thing for me (it's being such a nice idea). There are going to be episode or part 2 from this series as well, stay tune!

Beauty Products mentioned :
(You definitely can search up on Google with all of these words)

-Hair Vitamin Spray for Normal Hair - LUCIDO~L by Mandom
-Lime Facial Toner (Sari Jeruk Nipis) - Mustika Ratu
-Vitamin E Facemist / Spray - The Body Shop
-Hair Milk Vitamin Spray with Argan Oil - HQ7
-Products from Erha 21 Apothecary


Good luck and God Bless!


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  1. Hey cutie! I've been seen you your videos on Youtube! You're so cute!

    Walk a million miles



  2. nice review margieee, ide nya bagusss bnget bikin video biar ngga boring baca hehehe.. and you english so awesome!!

  3. Your english skills getting better than your old video and make the readers not boring whenn watch it. Thank you for share the beauty review, it's so really help me :). I waiting for your daily makeup video or korean makeup video!.

    Don't forget to visit my blog and give me a comment >>

    1. Thanks Yohana, yes because i am not an english lady's not too perfect... but i tried my best by learning everyday and changed my camera resolution :) thanks once again...

  4. what a great review! so agree with your thoughts about erha's products

  5. aaaa your english! emejiiingggg! *salah fokus*