Friday, May 6, 2016

Margareta Vania x Carousell Treasure Market "Korean Phrases Talkshow" at Iconic Kemang

Another late update for me. Before this post, I actually shared about my latest radio show with Bvoice radio (click here to know the story). Now, I am going to share about my seminar and talkshow collaborated with Carousell Indonesia. Carousell was founded in Singapore on May 1, 2012, by co-founders Quek Siu Rui, Lucas Ngoo, and Marcus Tan. I already knew them from previous projects by Carousell Singapore in Jakarta, Indonesia. Why? Because of course, they want to spread Carousell branches to Indonesia, Malaysia, and other countries especially in Asia first. Thank you for invited me!

Since Carousell Indonesia is growing so fast and I'm still an active Carousell user, Oliv (the girl on the right) contacted me to be their guest speaker for Carousell Treasure Market event. This event was held on 22 - 24 January 2016, it was a fashion / food bazaar. It was a pretty successful event for me to see,... but on Sunday (which was the day I was going to do my job as a guest speaker) was not too crowded like the usual. I understand because most people are taking rest at home, having family dinner, or staying at home rather than going our to a fashion / food bazaar tho. So yea, there were no significant audiences who truly love Korean Culture or fashion topics in front of me. It was a bit sad for me because some people there were too busy took some selfies, shopping, and eating rather than enjoyed my talkshow. *sob* *sob* Then, it's okay because I want to keep everything professional.

Basically my job for this event was sharing about my experience as a Fashion and Lifestyle blogger, modeling, and things connected to my job. I also introduced my informal study club called Korean101 Indonesia (instagram : @korean101_id). I always mentioned this project to several events that I participated and medias that already interviewed me. Basically, I just want to improve my korean language skill and help other people out to learn basic korean language as well (especially people who have struggle in economic condition or tight budget). I already learned Korean language for almost 2 years, by teaching other people I can re-studying everything again.


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