Thursday, June 13, 2013

Random Public Diary : Graduated from High School 2013 and Tips

 *bad lighting, my face looked green and creepy*

Outfit : Blazer - The Executive, Inner - MANGO, Skirt - ZARA, Stiletto - Charles & Keith

Finally i'm officially graduated from high school. I never mentioned anything about graduation but i already told you about my prom in a simple way via my post (click here if you want to see, i had an awesome prom and awarding night (the mini people choice award maybe, lol) maybe you can put your though at the comment section). Yes, i did an opening speech because maybe i was the only one who wanted to go up there. Eventually all of us are really lazy about speech, you know. Our generation is the generation where almost people all prefer "watching a show" than just listening to a voice, especially my voice. That's not too beautiful for some people. Hahaha.

I honestly sad because i have to leave my young high school life. I never can turn around the time to feel like "i am a 17 year old girl with a uniform". I don't feel young anymore because this year i will be 18. I don't like to be old because happy birthday, you don't need to over react about it. I know you need new spirit again, blablabla. But don't you think we are arriving near to our own death gate? 

Thanks for all teacher and kind friends there who always help me if i can't do everything by my self and keep supporting me.


By the way,....

I sad but i also happy. I really want to start everything over again in the university. Even i know how hard it is, i really need to find new bestfriend and new friends. Eventually, almost of people in the university are fake! They will kill you from behind with their invisible knife. Do you know about that? But i am not saying that every person is bad. I hope i can find some people who can i get to know with and more. So we can be good friends. Why not? Why we really need to hide from this fact? It does happen to all university life around the world. But don't get too worry about it, just be nice to everyone.

I had many wonderful days in high school and also many bad days that i had been through. I'm just lying to myself if i can forget anything and everything which really make my day worst in high school or even junior high school. lol But anyways, they are just my past, now i even can't touch them anymore. But still please don't bully someone that you think that person is different from another. Don't do that too much, it may hurts more. Maybe just for fun once but not everyday. What are you dude a perfect human in this world? Why you always say bad things about something that i do? Damn you are just useless. I will tell you "HATTERS NEVER ENVY WITH YOU, THEY JUST HATE YOU FOR A REASON WHICH THEY CAN MAKE, YOU NEVER CAN UNDERSTAND" don't believe people who say "HATERS ARE ENVY!" but you gonna believe this hurt fact! "THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE YOU STAY AT YOUR SHOES AND THEY CAN MOVE FORWARD MORE THAN YOU"

They will tell "i don't like her hair, i don't like her shoes, i don't like the way she talks" you never can understand why they hate you so much because you can't force people to like you but at least i will teach you guys a lesson "IF YOU HATE SOMEONE JUST STAY AWAY FROM THAT PERSON, BE QUITE IF YOU CAN'T BE KIND. SAY HI! FOR JUST FORMALITY IF YOU MEET AND DONE" everything will go alright, not when you start every single thing with "CYBER BULLYING OR BULLYING"

So everyone there that feels the same thing like me, don't be sad. Let's stand up again and force our self to keep smiling while everything goes wrong for awhile. Everything will get better soon, i believe. Every problem has own solution. Many solutions out there that you can find wisely. Don't afraid to dream high even you are not going to the same dream job which you thought when you were kid. It's okay! Improve your self more and search your own talent (but talents). Maybe i am not a person who always get good scores in math or economy. I always get the best score in all the things which going to be presentate in front of many people. I love to talk to many people and communicate. I can't stand or sit and do nothing if actually i can work or make something new. Don't afraid to be different! Don't forget to always pray and be grateful to God for everything which you get. Work hard first and don't forget to pray for your success!

Well good luck for everyone who starts a new day in the university also in High School or any grade of school. I hope all of you can be successful  people in the future. Good luck for my own self too, hahaha!

Good luck and God Bless!

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