Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Margareta Vania - Fashion and Beauty Forum / Seminar at Plaza Mandiri

Long time no see all! Finally, I am making a new blog post again, yes I'm still alive. Today's post is going to talk about my latest "Fashion and Beauty Form / Seminar" for some Mandiri Bank workers (one of the biggest bank and company in Indonesia). It was held in Plaza Mandiri, Jakarta on April 1st 2015. Thank you so much for letting me shared knowedge about fashion and beauty in front of so many amazing people.

For all people who attended to this forum / seminar,... I'm still young, that's why I need to walk forward even more and discover more about my life and my passion. Thank you for all Mandiri Bank workers who really listened to my presentation and wanted to learn something from someone who is exactly younger. I was feeling a little bit nervous and afraid if I didn't do it in a really good way. But I hope all of you guys still like it tho.

I hope that I can meet you guys again in the future. Good luck!

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  1. SO inspiring! I hope I can get opportunities like this someday!

    anw I kept wondering how you can manage your time! Very inspiring!