Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Journey to Thailand - Reclining Buddha Bangkok

For the next step, i stopped to this awesome artistic i don't know,.. can i say this a religious place and interesting place to see? This called Reclining Buddha, many foreign people said this was The Sleeping Buddha. But actually the Buddha was reclining and wouldn't to get a reincarnation. I'm so sorry if i wrong about this because i'm not a Buddhist but i respect Buddhist people because many of them,.. they're really warm and friendly people.

So this is my picture with my brother, i took it from this side because if you want to take a photo from the front of the Buddha, you just can see His Big Head so you will not get His Body. So many people want to took a photo from here, and i met so many japanese people and said like "kawaii" oh please this was not kawaii man! LOL~ This called artistic and religious thing!

So long and so many people pray in this place and make their wishes. Hopefully will come true for their life! But i don't believe in that because i'm christian, yeap again for but "i respect their believe and religion". Buddha is an awesome religion and have an amazing teaching about "love" "respect" etc.

We have to move our shoes in front before we went into the religious place, because we must to have a clean brain and self if you want to get in to this place. AND AGAIN BECAUSE this is not a toys "r" us! It was a place for people who want to see and pray for their wishes.

After that we got our lunch at "The Twins Towers Hotel Bangkok" and amazing delicious foods in there! So i took a pictures about my desert creation called rainbow ice and rainbow jelly. So yummy!

So damn delicious you have to make it by your self! And try your own at home, hahaha.. Don't think i want to make for you all ^^

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