Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Journey to Klaten - Diving and Snorkeling at Umbul Ponggok

Umbul Ponggok
Klaten, Central Java

Another travel post update from my latest road trip around Central Java. The specific place name called Umbul Ponggok, the place was kinda amazing. If you never go diving or snorkeling before, you can learn how to do it at Umbul Ponggok. If you are feeling curious, Umbul Ponggok means fresh water springs. The name of this place was taken from Javanese language. Pretty interesting huh?

The place it self is not that fancy looking but the water is so clean. They provide public bathrooms as well for you guys to clean out your body after get done snorkeling or diving. You can find several food shops there, just in case you are feeling hungry. I ordered a cup of hot milo because the water was too cold. I also ordered some fried singkong and other snacks from them. From the ticket until the food prices were not expensive at all. 

At the end of the day, I decided to took some underwater pictures. Me, my brother and my little cousin decided to let go our life vest for a moment. My mom wanted to join the gang but ended up, "NO... I'M AFRAID!" k then mom... lol

Watch our road trip journey, by click the play button here!

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